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Thank Goodness It's Finished.

OK, so TGIF won't be the new name of the Legacy Parkway interchange in Farmington, but it does sum up the sigh of relief to be breathed by many Davis County residents today when the four-lane parkway opens at 4 p.m.

In fact, Wasatch Weave beat out TGIF in a contest to describe the interchange where Legacy Parkway meshes with Interstate 15, Highway 89 and Farmington's Park Lane.

Dawn Flynn and Kesley Clampitt of Farmington, among 500 participants, submitted the winning entry. Other contenders included Davis County Bog Buster, Jet Star Junction, The Snake Pit, even the Chuck Norris Highway (the latter because, according to the submitter, the action-movie hero is the "coolest guy ever and he represents American ideals").

Motorists will be glad if it doesn't turn into another proposed name: The Davis Dreadlock.

- Rosemary Winters