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Most displays of bigotry and prejudice are subtle and often voiced by the Utah Legislature, which as a body believes it is above scrutiny and criticism. But the statement by Davis School Board member Peter Cannon that students who qualify for reduced-price or free school lunches should be given peanut butter sandwiches instead of a hot meal and made to stand in a separate line is absolutely hurtful and callous. It should be grounds for his removal.

Cannon would further punish and ostracize people less fortunate than himself and his family. His discriminatory attitude is exactly what we, as a democratic society, have been trying for decades to move away from. I imagine Cannon would voice loud screams of protest if it were his less-fortunate children who came home from school in utter shame because his opinion was enforced.

This discrimination against the less-fortunate poor is similar to having minority students ride in the back of the school bus or use separate drinking fountains.

This kind of superior attitude will be the downfall of this country, when it eventually causes an irreparable rift between the haves and have-nots.

Bryan Boucher