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One Utah National Guard soldier is being forced to retire and three others are receiving lesser discipline over the British bikini models who were photographed at Camp Williams.

The Utah National Guard announced the discipline Saturday, saying it finished its investigation Friday. The National Guard did not disclose the soldiers' names or ranks.

One non-commissioned officer — typically someone in the sergeant ranks — from the 19th Special Forces has been relieved of his leadership position, will receive a letter of reprimand, and is being forced to retire.

Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said the soldier will receive an honorable discharge, meaning he will still qualify for retirement and veteran benefits.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton, the commander of the Utah National Guard, said he spoke with the soldier. Burton described the man as a "Great American" who has more than 20 years of experience and was wounded in combat.

"This was just a bad decision," Burton said.

Burton also said the soldier was "misled" by the "Hot Shots" calendar company. The company has said a portion of its proceeds goes to help soldiers wounded in combat.

Burton said the Utah National Guard soldiers did not realize the calendar and accompanying video would be so racy.

But the non-commissioned officer knew he should have sought permission from his superiors before letting the models on Camp Williams, Burton said.

The "Hot Shots" calendar was photographed and filmed during Memorial Day weekend and part of June. British models in bikinis and other scanty clothing are seen in tanks and other military vehicles. The investigation found five military vehicles and one boat were used as props.

The models also were seen at the Big Shot Ranch in Grantsville with two officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety. That department has said the models fired three state-owned guns at the ranch. An investigation into the officers' role is continuing.

The three other National Guard soldiers are receiving what the news release termed "lesser measures commensurate with their respective levels of involvement." Fairbourn said the other three soldiers include at least one officer.

The National Guard also is recouping a total of $200 in fuel used.

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