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Their mission is bold - to transform healthcare and become the recognized leader in healthcare data warehousing, analytics and outcomes improvements. But the team at Health Catalyst is confident that they can do it; and as they accomplish their goals, they'll be building a great firm, too.

With over 1,900 client hospitals and clinics utilizing the Health Catalyst analytics platform to impact the lives of over 35 million patients, the Salt Lake-based company is definitely making waves in the healthcare industry; and the standard of excellence they strive to attain is not only intended to benefit their clients, but also their staff.

For the second consecutive year Health Catalyst has been awarded the 'Best Places to Work in Healthcare Award' by Modern Health Care, and was also honored in 2013 as a 'Best Company to Work For' by Utah Business magazine.

Health Catalyst works primarily with U.S.-based hospitals and clinics, providing products and resources that facilitate effective data management. This in turn helps healthcare organizations achieve greater efficiency and results in improved patient care, fewer re-admissions and more lives saved.

It's a team of 220 talented software engineers, data architects, business intelligence developers and sales reps that Health Catalyst's CEO Dan Burton credits with the company's success; and he's seeking to grow that team with other individuals who are as determined as he is to be part of the change Health Catalyst is making in U.S. healthcare.

The people who work at Health Catalyst, Burton said, are the ones who dare to lead extraordinary lives, because extraordinary is ingrained in Health Catalyst's culture.

"We strive to give team members the finest experiences of their lives," Burton said - a comment that's easily proven to be true by exploring the company's culture and the numerous benefits employees enjoy, including unlimited paid time off, a robust wellness program and weekly innovation time - when team members can do whatever they need, including take to the ski slopes to free their minds and unleash their creativity.

The success stories that pour in from clients prove there is no limit to the imagination as the Health Catalyst team continues to design, build and integrate data-driven systems that have helped healthcare organizations reduce heart failure readmission rates, improve the population health of women and newborns, reduce C-section rates and unnecessary elective deliveries – to name a few.

It's outcomes like these that leave Data Architect Alan Pierce hard-pressed to find just ONE reason he enjoys working at Health Catalyst. He readily admits there are too many to list, but at the top of Pierce's list would sit 'commitment'.

"Every team member is absolutely committed to doing the best job possible," Pierce said. "That commitment to excellence is contagious, and it drives you to achieve more than you normally could in our efforts to solving the healthcare conundrum in our country."

Pierce strongly believes the contributions made by all Health Catalyst team members are crucial to transforming the healthcare industry into something truly excellent and affordable for all.

"I've seen first hand how our efforts benefit real people, and it's very humbling," he said. "I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of that."

When a company's CEO and President schedule regular getting-acquainted lunches so they can get to know each team member on a first-name basis, it's clear that these team members are immensely valued; and as Health Catalyst seeks to add to its team, three words repeatedly headline the recruitment process: smart, hardworking and humble.

"We screen very carefully for these attributes," HR Director Linda Llewelyn said. "So our recruiting process is one in which we really want to make sure that we have an excellent cultural fit."

While education, skills and experience are all vital, the cultural fit is equally, if not more important, for any prospective Health Catalyst team member.

"Our mission is to transform healthcare, so we also want to hire people who have investigated and learned a lot about our company even before they've officially applied for a position," Llewelyn said. "We really want to understand why they want to be a part of our team and why they want to be a part of healthcare transformation."

If you are ready to answer these questions and your creative genius is yearning to be tapped, then a position on the Health Catalyst team could be right for you. To learn more about the company and its career-changing opportunities, visit