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Creating great hotels guests love, it's the mission of the InterContinental Hotels Group. By achieving it, they hope to become the number one hotel company in the world.

IHG is the parent company of 11 hotel brands including Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Stay Bridge Suites

With over 4,600 hotels carrying one of their names globally, IHG's ambition of reaching number one status appears to be on the fast track. The feedback from hotels carrying the IHG brands is that revenue is increasing, and they credit the personal interactions IHG agents provide to guests.

It's why the multi-national hotels company is seeking to increase their Salt Lake City staff complement, which is currently close to 550 team members.

"Because business is growing so much, we want to add to our sales team," Director of Sales & Service Chuck Krivanek said. "So we're looking for Reservations Sales Specialists. They are the ones who answer our guests when they call to make a reservation, and use the computer-based tools we have, as well as their unique personalities to deliver a great experience."

Customer Care jobs are also up for grabs in the service department, another crucial position Krivanek said, because these agents ensure guests stay loyal to the IHG brands by troubleshooting any issues they may have while traveling.

Keeping guests so happy that they come back time and time again is a tall order. It's why even though 'computer savvy' and 'great communications skills' rank high on the required skillset for these positions, what's even more important is adaptability, eagerness to learn and a desire to meld with the IHG culture, a culture that earned them a "Utah Top Work Places Award 2014".

"I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we listen to each other and are willing to try new things," Krivanek said. "We accomplish this by focusing on having the right people join us, people who understand what it means to create great hotels guests love."

The possibilities for IHG team members are without limit Krivanek said. While many employees start out in an entry-level position, the energy and passion they bring to the job determine their level of success in a company that will always support their career ambitions and desire to excel.

Reservations Sales Specialist Lisa Middlemas agrees. She's worked with IHG for almost a decade and values the ability to grow with the company, as well as the respect for work-life balance.

"It is excellent," Middlemas said. "I started out with little kids at home. So I wanted to work a part time job at night, and they were fantastic about it," she said. "Then when my kids went to school, and I wanted to switch to a day shift, they accommodated me once again."

Middlemas' colleagues range from college students who enjoy the flexibility IHG's schedules allow for work and school, to others who take advantage of the training programs to advance their careers within the company.

An IHG job also comes with great benefits and perks, including excellent medical, dental and vision package plans, as well discounted stays at any of the company's hotels around the world.

So if you are passionate about delivering excellent customer service, enjoy the travel and hospitality industry, and are eager to join a company that recognizes and values these skills, an opportunity with the InterContinental Hotels Group Salt Lake City Reservations Office may await you.

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