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Murray • The Salt Lake County Board of Health held a public hearing Thursday evening in advance of updatinh regulations of electronic-smoking devices.

Among the proposed rules are the prohibition of sales to anyone under the age of 19 or allowing those younger than 19 to enter shops where sampling of these products is allowed.

Also, the county is planning to adopt more detailed regulations about the permits and conditions necessary to manufacture and sell e-liquid.

Aaron Frazier, a representative of the Utah Smoke Free Association, said his main concern was that the county not issue permits to people who are manufacturing out of their own homes.

"We want to make sure that people are actually manufacturing in true facilities rather than at their kitchen table or their basement work station where they could have cats or little kids running around," Frazier said.

The regulation also would allow for random testing of e-liquids, and Frazier asked the board if these tests would only include products made in Utah or would that also included products made outside of the state.

The board said it would answer these questions before voting to approve the regulations.

The updates will put in place higher safety measures when manufacturing these products and selling them. Raiphe Kelsch, who said he was representing himself, had questions regarding these safety measures.

"Are we allowed to resell those juices from other states that don't make these standards? That don't give the nicotine level checks and that don't have all the clean rooms and that sort of thing? Are we able to resell those even though they don't meet the standards of Salt Lake County production?" Kelsch asked.

The board recorded the questions and concerns of the two men — the only members of the public to comment at the hearing — and said they would be addressed, but no action was taken.

The board will meet Jan. 5 to reach a final determination.