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If your watch can tweet, don't wear it to the exam room.

Weber State University is warning students this week to leave high-tech accessories at home when they're taking tests.

No one has been caught using app-friendly wristwatches to look up answers, university spokeswoman Allison Barlow Hess said Tuesday. Instead, student test center workers spotted an uptick in the bands in recent months and alerted administrators.

"So it's not that they caught anybody," said Hess. "It just became obvious to them that people were wearing a computer on their wrist."

The University of Utah also prohibits the devices in testing centers. In U. classrooms, it's up to individual instructors to decide whether to allow them or not.

Prospective college students should also consult the rules before taking college entrance tests.

The College Board, which runs the SAT, PSAT and Advanced Placement tests, has an outright ban on the devices in any of its test-taking venues. But the ACT test has no policy against the watches, unless they start beeping or making another noise, spokesman Ed Colby said this week.