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Mitt Romney to offer 'an update' this morning on 2016. Poll: Two thirds of Utahns say police treat everyone fairly. LDS leaders answer critics questions about this week's announcement.

Happy Friday. Mitt Romney is set to give his supporters "an update" this morning about his prospective 2016 bid: Either a nod that he's gearing up or possibly a good luck next year but thanks for all the support. In Romney world, there are three go-for-it motivations but also a couple no-go reasons as well. [" target="_blank">Bloomberg]

Topping the news: A new poll says two-thirds of Utahns say police treat everyone fairly, though multiracial Utahns are split on whether that's the case. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> Utah lawmakers are looking to reduce expenditures in all state agencies by 2 percent. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> LDS Church leaders had a few things to say about critics of their recent announcement on LGBT and religious rights during a special TribTalk forum. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Former state Rep. Jackie Biskupski has announced her plans to become the second female mayor of Salt Lake City, hoping to overtake Ralph Becker before his third term. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">Fox13]

Tweet of the day: From @" target="_blank">betterutah "Capitol cafeteria food is like prison food. You eat it because you can't leave and you have to eat. #foodtrucksplease"

Happy Birthday: On Saturday to former state Sen. Pat Jones.

Tune in: Tribune managing editor Dave Noyce, movie critic Sean P. Means and reporters Peggy Fletcher Stack and Robert Gehrke join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to talk Sundance, the legislative kickoff and the LDS call for nondiscrimination and religious freedom laws. Listen to Behind the Headlines live at 9 a.m. on KCPW 88.3/105.3 FM and" target="_blank">;

From Capitol Hill: Sen. Jim Dabakis, the only openly gay member of the Legislature, wants to go further than the LGBT anti-discrimination bill lawmakers are currently looking at. His proposal would prevent businesses from refusing to give service to the LGBT individuals. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Lawmakers announced two dozen air quality proposals yesterday, saying the bills they passed last year were "just a start." [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">ABC4]

-> Legislative leaders are considering holding more end-of-the-session committee hearings after concerns were raised that too many bills never see the inside of a hearing room. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> A new House bill that loosens the state's texting-while-driving laws and allow drivers to push a button or dial a phone number as they are driving is receiving some pushback from police. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">FOX13]

-> A new bill from the House Transportation Committee would end federal environmental reviews of Utah highway projects, potentially fast-tracking the state's road construction projects month, or even years, faster. The state could face legal challenges, though. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Yet another new bill from the House Transportation Committee would add another test for first-time drivers to get their licenses. It would test them on current, safety related information, such as the top causes of highway deaths in the past year. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, told state lawmakers on Thursday that they need to jump in and join the battle to take power away from Washington. He is currently pushing a number of bills concerning personal freedom. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> There are two questions behind the slow-moving, controversial debate about the Utah State Prison: where to move it, and how to slow the growth of the inmate population. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss Gov. Gary Herbert's State of the State address and the LDS Church announcement on anti-discrimination laws. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> A House committee passed two bills yesterday to make it easier for youth to go hunting and fishing. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> A new, substitute House bill lowers Utah's proposed income tax increase to half a percent. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> And here's tomorrow's schedule for the Legislature: [" target="_blank">Trib]

In other news: Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker announced his "5000 Doors" initiative Thursday, which would build 5,000 units of affordable housing for SLC residents in the next five years. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">FOX13] [" target="_blank">KUTV] [" target="_blank">ABC4] [" target="_blank">KSL]

-> Sen. Orrin Hatch says he'll back AG nominee Loretta Lynch while Sen. Mike Lee says he has serious problems backing the appointee after two days of hearings that linked Utah speeders to executive orders on immigration. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Hundreds of police officers and supporters joined Attorney General Sean Reyes and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox at the Capitol last night for a much-needed morale booster. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">Spectrum] [" target="_blank">AP]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on Disneyland and measles. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A relatively new state program, Next Generation Kids, seeks to break the cycle of poverty in many Utah families and offers lawmakers an inside look at intergenerational poverty. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> Paul Rolly discusses the Utah County Republican Party's interesting decision to select Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz, as the keynote speaker for this year's Lincoln Day Dinner. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> The Secret Service jettisoned some of its top brass after embarrassing scandals but some critics — including Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz — say the agency's No. 2 leader still needs to go. [" target="_blank">WaPost]

-> Obama is set to announce today a major biomedical research initiative to collect genetic data on one million Americans so that scientists can develop drugs and treatments tailored to individual patients' needs. [" target="_blank">NYTimes]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Jason" target="_blank">Chaffetz joins with Doug Wright on The Movie Show and speaks at the University of Utah's Hinckley Institute to accept the "Politician of the Year" award.
  • Rep. Chris" target="_blank">Stewart travels to St. George for constituent meetings.
  • Gov. Gary" target="_blank">Herbert meets with UEA educators and attends the Charter Day on the Hill.
  • Lt. Gov. Spencer" target="_blank">Cox has a weekly interview with X96 radio and attends a Cabinet meeting.
  • SL Co. Mayor Ben" target="_blank">McAdams meets with his deputy mayor.
  • SLC Mayor Ralph" target="_blank">Becker attends a budget meeting.
  • President Barack" target="_blank">Obama offers remarks at the White House on improving health and treating disease through precision medicine.
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