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Undocumented immigrants would pay more for Utah "driving privilege" cards, and face a more robust background check under legislation headed to the full Senate.

The Senate Transportation Committee unanimously advanced SB184 on Tuesday.

Its sponsor, Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, said Utah had been conducting background checks for applicants that covered only a few neighboring states. However, he said one applicant had "committed a heinous crime in California" that was not discovered.

So he is proposing now to have a national FBI background check for applicants. That will raise the annual fee for driving privilege cards from $80 to $109.50.

Bramble sponsored the legislation that created the driving privilege card in 2005 to help ensure that undocumented immigrants have auto insurance and pass driving tests.

Utah issued 35,232 driving-privilege cards in 2014. That is down from 36,282 in 2013 and 36,921 in 2012. The numbers show a continuing decline from a peak of about 43,000 in 2008 when the recession hit full force and immigration decreased.

— Lee Davidson