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Chaffetz: 'If I was the president,' I'd take out Iran's nuclear facilities. Anti-discrimination bills out today. Senate discusses, doesn't pass medical marijuana.

Happy Tuesday. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu readies to address a joint meeting of Congress today, Rep. Jason Chaffetz is taking a hard line against President Barack Obama's approach to Iran and told CNN yesterday that he would "absolutely" support a pre-emptive strike against any nuclear facilities the country creates. "If it was up to me — if I was the president of the United States — we would take out that threat," Chaffetz told CNN. [" target="_blank">NRO]

-> House leaders unveiled their alternative to Medicaid expansion yesterday, calling it "Utah Cares." Some are discussing combining the new plan with Gov. Gary Herbert's Healthy Utah plan, but House leaders say that's not going to happen. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews]

Tweets of the day: From @" target="_blank">gopTODD "Does everyone receive two dozen emails about medical marijuana while they're sleeping? Or just lucky guys like me?"

@" target="_blank">Dennisromboy "Senate song of the day?: 'Mary Jane's Last Dance' by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Debate set for 3:30."

Happy Birthday: To former State Rep. Larry Wiley and state Sen. Kevin Van Tassell.

Tune in: Former Salt Lake City Councilwoman Deeda Seed, former state Sen. Stuart Reid and Tribune health, education and environment editor Rebecca Walsh join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to remember Deedee Corradini, Salt Lake City's first woman mayor who died Sunday at age 70. Watch Trib Talk live at 12:15 p.m. MST on" target="_blank">

From Capitol Hill: Paul Rolly offers his take on the opponents of Healthy Utah. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> The brother of the last Utah man to be executed by firing squad voiced his opposition to bringing back the practice yesterday. A panel of lawmakers, however, approved a bill that would reinstate the firing squad as an alternative method to the death penalty and sent it to the full Senate. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">Fox13]

-> Despite previous failed attempts to delay the launch of the Count My Vote compromise, a new bill seeks to modify the compromise in the event that a nominee wins less than 50 percent of the vote. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> A recent analysis shows one out of four bills this year is sponsored by someone with a potential conflict of interest. But in the event of a conflict of interest, lawmakers do not have the legal authority to abstain from voting. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> New legislation would allow the testing of high-tech vehicles on Utah roads. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> The House yesterday approved the Senate's "Right to Try" bill, which would allow terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs, and sent it on for Gov. Herbert's signature. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Activists rallied at the Capitol yesterday to oppose Utah lawmakers' efforts to transfer public land into the hands of the state, calling it a "disastrous, frivolous policy" and a "land-grab casino." [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">AP] [" target="_blank">ABC4]

-> The House approved two bills yesterday that would remove the deadline for child abuse victims to prosecute their offenders and prevent child sexual abusers from receiving teaching licenses. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">DNews] [" target="_blank">Fox13]

-> A Senate panel approved a bill yesterday that would simplify the process of prosecuting child traffickers. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> Lawmakers are looking to appropriate an education grant to better equip school counselors with the skills necessary to help students prepare for college and careers. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> A House panel approved a bill yesterday that would ensure that most county governments continue to have partisan elections. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> The House Education Committee approved a bill yesterday that would fund a STEM initiative for schools in southern Utah. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> Senators approved a bill Monday that would prevent contact lens makers from setting limits on prices for retailers to sell their brands. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A new bill would give state public-safety dispatchers the same sort of retirement as law enforcement officers, allowing them to retire after 20 years instead of 30. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow ATVs to travel up to 65 mph on Utah's highways, despite concerns from the Utah Highway Patrol. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A legislative committee approved a bill that would allow Utah to set different air quality regulations than those set by the federal government. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> A new bill would seek to resolve longstanding issues with unincorporated areas and townships in Salt Lake County. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A committee approved a bill yesterday that would limit the kinds of information that can be collected by Utah schools. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A resolution to support moving Utah Air National Guard operations to Hill Air Force Base gained approval from a House committee yesterday. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> And here's today's Legislature schedule: [" target="_blank">Trib]

In other news: Salt Lake City's first female mayor Deedee Corradini passed away from lung cancer over the weekend, but her legacy remains intact. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> Saratoga Springs City Council members will listen to public comment tonight regarding the annexation of almost 600 acres of land that were previously set aside for the new state prison. [" target="_blank">Herald]

-> The Great Salt Lake is expected to dip to a historic low and unless officials decide to dredge it, sailors could be out of luck. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Starting yesterday, all West Valley City Police officers were issued body cameras to be worn at all times [" target="_blank">ABC4]

Nationally: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech today might break precedence, as he is set to share his negative views on President Barack Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran. [" target="_blank">AP] [" target="_blank">Politico] [" target="_blank">CNN] [" target="_blank">NPR]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on Netanyahu's speech. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> The State Department acknowledged yesterday that thousands of emails sent and received by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were not archived as official government records because she was using her private email account, a violation of federal laws. [" target="_blank">Politico] [" target="_blank">Reuters] [" target="_blank">WaPost] [" target="_blank">NYTimes]

-> Comments from a DEA agent during a Utah Senate committee meeting last week received national attention after he expressed concern that if the state legalizes medical marijuana, the wildlife may become addicted. [" target="_blank">WaPost]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Jason" target="_blank">Chaffetz meets with the Utah Farm Bureau, attends Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the Joint Meeting of Congress, a Judiciary bill mark-up and meets with the Software Alliance.
  • Rep. Chris" target="_blank">Stewart attends a GOP conference meetings, chats with the Utah Farm Bureau and attends Netanyahu's address.
  • Gov. Gary" target="_blank">Herbert attends the Outdoor Recreation summit and luncheon and hosts legislative session media access.
  • Lt. Gov. Spencer" target="_blank">Cox attends Utah's Outdoor Recreation summit and legislative action discussion.
  • SLC Mayor Ralph" target="_blank">Becker attends a parking press event at Washington Square, a briefing on CED/HAND Program, a meeting on Metro Bureau and City Council meetings.
  • SL Co. Mayor Ben" target="_blank">McAdams meets with Jon Pierpont, executive director of the Department of Workforce Services, and attends County Council meetings.
  • President Barack" target="_blank">Obama meets with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and delivers remarks with First Lady Michelle Obama about expanding efforts to help adolescent girls worldwide attends school.
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