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Playwright, screenwriter and BYU grad Neil LaBute returns to television for his third series — and, as you might expect, it's provocative.

LaBute is, after all, the man behind "In the Company of Men" and "Bash: Latter-day Plays," among many others.

"Billy & Billie" is a 10-episode comedy about step siblings who fall in love and start sleeping together.

It's not incest. They're not related, after all. But it is weird because of the family relationship. And weirder because Billy (Adam Brody, "The O.C.") and Billie (Lisa Joyce) never really got along while they growing up together.

Actually, it's harder to understand why Billy would be interested in Billie because she's so incredibly annoying than because she's his stepsister.

But when we meet them, they've just slept together after meeting at a family function. And they're talking about a bowel movement and a non-functional toilet.

A dozen minutes into the premiere, a couple of Billy's co-workers are making remarkably racist, vulgar comments about an Asian-American co-worker. One of them even mocks Asian eyes.

It's more uncomfortable than it is funny, which pretty much describes "Billy & Billie."

Like LaBute's previous two TV projects, and "Full Circle" and "Ten x Ten," this one is on DirecTV's Audience Network. Which means, of course, that it's only available to DirecTV subscribers.

It also means that there are no broadcast-network limits on content or language, so f-bombs are falling all over the place.

"Billy & Billie" is clever without being laugh-out-loud funny. Brody and Joyce are both good, and the premise is … intriguing.

"So, who's going to tell Mom?" Billie asks after their second sexual encounter.