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Two bills to make life easier for moms who breast-feed babies are on the way to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature.

The Senate on Wednesday passed HB105 to make breast-feeding part of anti-discrimination laws — including not allowing firing or rejecting a job candidate because she is nursing — and HB242 to require accommodation of public employees who breast-feed.

Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, questioned in debate if HB242 may ask too much of employers, including its requirement to provide breast-feeding women with a private room and a refrigerator. "That's quite a lot," he said.

But Sen. Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, who has a baby, said the room "is for pumping milk. So you need a private room because you're going to have to remove your clothes. You're going to plug the pump. I don't know if you have ever done that. Not comfy."

She added, "You mentally have to put yourself in a position to think how much you love your baby so the milk can come while everyone is outside doing their business. It's rough. But it's for a good purpose."

Escamilla added, "Please vote for the babies."

HB242 passed 18-6, and HB105 passed 17-4.

— Lee Davidson