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The husband of Lori Hacking has provided information to family members that makes the volunteer search for her "unnecessary," according to a fax family members sent to news media late Saturday.

"At this time, the families ask that all efforts from volunteers cease and that anyone with information that they feel might be helpful contact the Salt Lake City Police Department directly," reads the fax, sent by the Soares and Hacking families.

Investigators said late Saturday that they have no idea what Mark Hacking had told his relatives.

"We were not aware of the developments before they sent the fax off to the media," said Detective Dwayne Baird.

Police have not talked to Mark Hacking - the sole "person of interest" in Lori Hacking's disappearance - for about a week and a half, Baird said.

Detectives met with family members to talk about the situation, but Baird said he would not comment about those discussions until later today.

Mark Hacking first reported his wife missing July 19, saying she never returned from a jog in City Creek Canyon. Police since have said they believe Lori Hacking, who was reportedly five weeks pregnant at the time, never went to the canyon that day. Investigators have focused their search on the Salt Lake County landfill, where they have spent four nights sifting through garbage picked up on July 19 with the help of cadaver dogs. The landfill search has been suspended the past three nights.

The fax from the families said relatives are "supportive of the police investigation."

The families called off the organized search, which involved more than 4,000 volunteers, last week, but had planned to conduct specialty searches with the help of all-terrain vehicles and planes before Saturday's developments.

Chris Pusey, who has known Lori Hacking, 27, since she was a child, reacted to the news with shock, saying he interpreted the statement to mean his childhood friend is now dead and that Mark Hacking was somehow involved.

"The Mark I knew couldn't have done something like that," he said.

Pusey has tried to prepare himself for such bad news in the past week, while at the same time holding out hope Lori Hacking would be found alive.

"From this statement, it doesn't sound that way," he said.

Saysha Nielson, who attends the same LDS ward as the couple, said she is glad Mark Hacking is "providing some information."

"I know it is bad to say, but in a way it is exciting because we are getting closer to finding out what happened," she said. "Apparently, it is on his shoulders somehow."

Mark Hacking, 28, has been in the psychiatric ward of University Hospital since July 20 following an incident at a Salt Lake City hotel, where he reportedly ran around almost completely naked.

Police focused on Mark Hacking early in the investigation and have uncovered a life full of lies. He never graduated from the University of Utah in psychology and never applied to medical school as his family believed. Mark and Lori Hacking were just days away from moving to North Carolina; he had told family he has been accepted to the medical school at Chapel Hill.

And the morning he said his wife disappeared, Mark Hacking told police he had run his wife's normal three-mile jogging route twice. Actually, he was at a South Salt Lake furniture store, buying a new mattress. Police seized a mattress from a Dumpster behind a church. They also recovered a small amount of blood, a knife and a box spring, along with bags of other evidence, from the Hackings' apartment. That evidence is now at the state crime lab undergoing analysis.

In the fax, the Hacking and Soares families also asked for privacy, saying all questions should be directed to Mark's attorney, Gilbert Athay. He declined to comment when reached at his home late Saturday.

The fax also said family members "are grateful to the many individuals who joined them on Friday in faith and prayers to help find Lori" and "are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support they have received."