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A woman was critically injured after falling during a rock climb in Ogden's Waterfall Canyon.

Sophie Hillmeyer, 19, was visiting Utah from Minnesota to do volunteer work. She and two other volunteers had some time off Sunday afternoon and hiked the canyon's 200-foot waterfall, said Weber County Sheriff's Lt. Brandon Toll.

"Just before they were getting ready to turn around and come back, her and another friend decided to climb the rocks next to the waterfall," Toll said. "During that time, we're guessing 35 to 50 feet up in that area, a rock came loose under her footing and she fell."

After dispatchers received a call about the fall at 12:15 p.m., Ogden emergency responders and a Weber County search-and-rescue team scaled the 1.3-mile canyon to Hillmeyer, who suffered injuries to her head, hip and one of her arms.

The rescuers brought her about 150 yards from the base of the waterfall to a more open area, where a medical helicopter hoisted her out of the canyon.

She was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital in critical condition, where Toll heard she was rushed into surgery. Her family plans to arrive in Utah by Monday morning.

"It's not uncommon for people to climb around the waterfall, but it's not advised," Toll said. The rocks are sharp and are normally wet because of the waterfall; they might have been more so after a weekend of rain, the lieutenant said.

In the past, there had been signs posted advising people not to climb the rocks, but Toll did not know whether the signs are still there.

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