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Proponents and opponents of marriage equality marked the day with dueling rallies in Salt Lake City on Tuesday evening.

About three-dozen same-sex marriage supporters gathered outside a State Street bar, waving signs scrawled with "Honk 4 Marriage Equality" and "Love Can't Wait." Their enthusiasm drew plenty of honks, waves and a ringing bicycle bell, but no middle fingers, said organizer Colleen Mewing, of the Utah chapter of Marriage Equality USA.

"To me, that's the sound of marriage equality," said Mewing as another motorist tooted support. "That's the sound of freedom passing by."

Meanwhile, hundreds of traditional-marriage supporters dressed mostly in pink and blue descended on the Utah Capitol Rotunda for a 90-minute program featuring patriotic song and numerous speakers, including Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-Draper, and conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who drew thunderous applause and cheers.

On the Rotunda stairs, supporters offered their own handwritten messages: "Judges Cannot Redefine Marriage" and "I Need Both My Mom and My Dad," although the group was infiltrated by about 25 students from a LDS Business College group that supports marriage equality.

"This is not a settled question, one judge forced it on us," Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka said before the start of the rally. "The people voted to say marriage is between a man and a woman. We're never going to be through fighting this battle."