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Marco Rubio says America's standing has 'deteriorated' under Obama. McAdams fires back at Rep. Miller. Poll: 57% of voters want to re-elect Herbert.

Happy Thursday. In the first of many shots to come, GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio says that America's physical and ideological strength has "deteriorated" since President Barack Obama took office. "From his reset with Russia, to his open hand to Iran, to his unreciprocated opening to Cuba, he has embraced regimes that systematically oppose every principle our nation has long championed," Rubio said. [" target="_blank">Observer]

Topping the news: Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams on Wednesday pushed back on claims by state Rep. Justin Miller and documents show some questionable accounting by Miller, who ran McAdams campaign. [" target="_blank">Trib] [" target="_blank">ABC4] [" target="_blank">Fox13] 

-> Some 57 percent of registered voters in Utah believe Gov. Gary Herbert should get re-elected compared to 34 percent who don't believe he should get another term. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> A higher sales tax could mean a better bus system for UTA. [" target="_blank">Trib] And after taking a budget cut for not meeting goals, UTA could really use the money. [" target="_blank">Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @" target="_blank">pourmecoffee: "Fun Fact: As the outrage cycle nears speed of light, time itself slows down for those arguing in it relative to those who have a life."

Happy Birthday: To Christian Burridge, former chairman for the Salt Lake County Democratic Party.

Congrats: To the U.'s Hinckley Institute of Politics, which turns 50 years old this week and celebrated with a gala last night at Rice Eccles Stadium's Sky Box to tout the success of Robert H. Hinckley's goal making "every student a politician." Last year, a record 349 students interned locally, nationally and globally through the Hinckley program and the Institute held 116 events. Here's to another great 50 years and beyond.

Tune in: Rocky Mountain Power spokesman Dave Eskelsen and Stan Holmes of Utah Citizens Advocating Renewable Energy (UCARE) join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to talk about "net metering" and how the state is weighing the costs and benefits of rooftop solar. Watch Trib Talk live at 12:15 p.m. MDT on" target="_blank"> 

In other news: The Women's Leadership Institute asked companies to find ways to elevate women in leadership roles. The institute called the challenge ElevateHer. [" target="_blank">DNews]

-> While all the focus around SB54 has been on the Utah Republican Party, the state's Democratic Party is moving ahead to comply with the law. [" target="_blank">UtahPolicy]

-> Leon Rodriguez, top administrator of the nation's immigration and naturalization system, said the word "justice" is missing from U.S. immigration laws. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will offer the commencement address at the University of Arizona. [" target="_blank">AP]

-> Jason Dan Hoyt, a former town councilman in Tabiona, pleaded guilty to charges of sending sexually explicit message to a 14-year-old girl through Facebook. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Utah State University students added to the criticism of two professors from Utah for signing an brief against same-sex marriage. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Pat Bagley gives his take on America becoming "less Christian." [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A national consultant on homelessness says a shelter that doesn't run round-the-clock, offer case management and track its clients isn't going to succeed. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> A federal judge decided not to weigh in on a Ute tribal member's death. The tribal member died after a high speed chase with Utah law enforcement. [" target="_blank">Trib]

-> Ogden has decided artificial turf is an acceptable option for private lawns. [" target="_blank">StandEx]

Nationally: President Barack Obama met with leaders from Saudi Arabia to boost America's allies in the Middle East. [" target="_blank">NBCNews]

-> The House passed a bill restricting most late-term abortions. [" target="_blank">AP] [" target="_blank">CBSNews]

-> And the House also voted to end the NSA's bulk collection of American's phone metadata. [" target="_blank">NYTimes]

-> A House committee cut Amtrak's budget on Wednesday, hours after Northeast Regional Train 188 crashed in Philadelphia killing at least six. [" target="_blank">AP] [" target="_blank">TheGuardian] [" target="_blank">WaPost]

-> The Senate will revisit a vote on Trade Promotion Authority after a new deal was struck. [" target="_blank">AP] [" target="_blank">CBSNews] [" target="_blank">USAToday]

-> President Barack Obama called Elizabeth Warren by her first name recently — as he has before — but critics said the comment was sexist. [" target="_blank">CBSNews] [" target="_blank">WaPost]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Jason" target="_blank">Chaffetz chairs two Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings: DC Opportunity Scholarships Program in the morning, and a hearing examining the March 4th incident involving the Secret Service.
  • Rep. Chris" target="_blank">Stewart attends a House Intelligence Committee hearing and meets with McDonald Franchise owners, then meets with Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Rob Bishop. Later he meets with the ambassador of Columbia and with a colonel from Hill Air Force Base.
  • Rep. Mia" target="_blank">Love attends a financial institutions subcommittee meeting, then meets with Utah petroleum retailers and marketers.
  • Gov. Gary" target="_blank">Herbert attends a Utah Honor Flight send-off ceremony at the State Fairpark, hits the KUED media conference and later appears on "Let Me Speak to the Governor" at KSL Studios. In the afternoon he attends a Women's Leadership Institute Launch at the Zion's founder's room.
  • Lt. Gov. Spencer" target="_blank">Cox attends a commission on Civic & Character Education at the Governor's board room. Then goes to the ElevateHer Challenge Launch in Salt Lake City. In the evening he attends a Juab County Convention in Nephi.
  • SLC Mayor Ralph" target="_blank">Becker attends a ParksSLC press event, meets with the Mayor's Liaisons and then heads to the YMCA: Kids and Nature Project. In the afternoon he meets with the Cottonwood Canyon task force.
  • President Barack" target="_blank">Obama travels to Camp David to host a lunch and working session with Gulf leaders. He takes photos with the group before leaving back to the White House.
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