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OREM - Filmmaker Steven Greenstreet is taking his documentary about Michael Moore's visit to Utah on the road.

"This Divided State," which chronicles the furor over the Bush-basher's pre-election appearance at Orem's Utah Valley State College in October, will air on 22 college campuses, including Harvard, Yale, Cornell and the University of Utah.

"My immediate goal is to screen the film and have an open conversation with college students about the world they are growing up in and the divided state of the nation right now," said the 25-year-old Greenstreet, who dropped out of Brigham Young University to make the documentary.

"This Divided State" is being sponsored by the Center for American Progress and Campus Progress, both of which aim to promote academic freedom and "progressive voices" at U.S. colleges.

Greenstreet's movie - which debuted at UVSC last month - will kick off its tour Wednesday at the E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. Moore has been invited to the screening. The roadshow wraps up May 3 at the University of Utah.

Most of the screenings are free, but tour sponsors are paying Greenstreet an undisclosed "nominal fee." Universities airing his documentary also are chipping in with travel expenses so he can attend and answer students' questions.

Some schools also are flying out UVSC Communications Department Chairman Phil Gordon, who assisted Greenstreet with the film, as well as UVSC student/Moore impersonator Ken Brown.

Orem investor Kay Anderson, who sued UVSC over Moore's appearance and demanded film footage of himself be excised from "This Divided State," is not too excited about the film making the rounds of "liberal colleges."

"The thing that concerns me most," he said, "is the [LDS] church is a backdrop for this film. It's certainly not making the church look good, and I feel bad about that. It's unfortunate that's the issue he has chosen, because it will not only allow for the liberals to make fun of conservatives, but also give them an opportunity to criticize the church."

'This Divided State'

The film will be released on DVD in several months and has been entered in the Los Angeles and Seattle international film festivals.