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Quarles has been on a fast track ever since his childhood in Roy, Utah. He earned a bachelor's degree from Columbia and a law degree from Yale, then worked for a premier law firm in New York City, taking two years out to serve an LDS mission to Quebec. He is married to Hope Eccles, daughter of Utah banker and philanthropist Spencer Eccles.

In Aug. 2001, Quarles was appointed by President George W. Bush as U.S. Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund. Now he is at the Treasury, where he advises the secretary on financial regulation, exchange rate policy, trade and investment.

''Mormons are now a known entity in D.C.,'' Quarles says. ''Most people are quite aware that I'm a Mormon, more than I'm aware of their religions.''

Many have heard of the Marriotts, he says, ''and they have a very, very positive view of them.''

In his international travels, people wonder why he doesn't drink, he says. ''They find it quite exotic that I'm Mormon. My Japanese counterpart wanted to know about the beards and the hats.''

The Mormon connections in Washington are natural and still very important, he says. ''We're close to the point where non-Mormons will want to use the network.''

-- Peggy Fletcher Stack