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When it comes to jury duty, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is no different than any other citizen.

The governor has been summoned to 4th District Court in Provo on Tuesday and intends to show up. Marty Carpenter, his deputy chief of staff, said it was never a question whether Herbert would do his civic duty.

"The governor said, 'They called me. You get called to jury duty, you go to jury duty,' " Carpenter said Saturday.

Herbert is scheduled to fly to Lake Tahoe, Nev., late Tuesday afternoon for the Western Governors' Association Annual Meeting, but will adjust his plans if necessary, according to Carpenter.

Judges can excuse potential jurors from jury service for public necessity or extreme inconvenience, according to the Utah State Courts website.

However, the website notes, "Everyone is inconvenienced to some degree by jury service, but for the system to work, people from all walks of life must be willing to serve."

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