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Sarah Palin has done it again.

I wrote in 2009 about the former Republican vice presidential candidate's visit to Salt Lake City for a book signing at Costco when her team solicited an area beautician to do her hair for the event.

The woman went to Hotel Monaco in downtown Salt Lake City and, as instructed, left her car with the valet. She was taken to Palin's room and did her hair while the politician conversed with her family.

When finished, the beautician was putting her equipment away and suddenly realized everyone had left. She took the elevator to the lobby and saw Palin's party driving away.

Nobody paid her. Even worse, when she told the valet she was with the Palin party, he said nobody told him, so she had to fork over the $10 out of her own pocket.

Now, Palin is using a North Salt Lake photographer's copyright picture of a grizzly chasing a wolf in Yellowstone National Park on her Facebook page without crediting him.

Rob Daugherty, a wildlife photographer and tour guide, took the stunning photo Aug. 5, 2010. The image has been posted extensively on the Internet. Daugherty says when his credit line is missing and he informs the the Web venues that it's a copyright photo, they either take it down or add his credit line.

But earlier this week, when he pointed out that Palin's Facebook page had failed to credit him, Palin ignored him.

Instead, several of Palin's Facebook friends derided Daugherty for being petty and praised the former Alaska governor for loving America so much.

Winners and losers • U.S. Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, was on hand at the Utah Capitol to voice her support for the anti-Planned Parenthood rally because of her commitment to unborn children, even though the federal funds protesters called for cutting are not used for abortions.

She seemed to have less interest earlier this summer in children's issues when a Utah group representing nonprofits focusing on education support traveled to Washington, D.C., on business.

Group members had set up a meeting with the first-term representative, but when they got to her office at the appointed time, they were told she was too busy to meet them.

They met instead with a staffer.

They might have received more attention had they had connections with super PACs — like the 16-member group that showed up at the visitor center of Arches National Park earlier this year demanding that they be included in a ranger-led hike of the ecologically sensitive Fiery Furnace, despite being told those excursions are reserved weeks in advance.

A group member called Love and, lo and behold, got on a special hike with a guide the next day.

Starved for attention • It seems conservative Utah politicians are falling all over themselves to show their anti-Planned Parenthood stripes.

During a work session of the South Jordan City Council earlier this month, Mayor David Alvord proposed sending a letter from the council and himself to Congress calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and a ban on all abortions.

When a council member pointed out that Alvord's own faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, didn't go that far — allowing for exceptions in cases of rape or incest or when the mother's health is at stake — the letter was toned down.

The mayor and council waited for one council member to return to Utah from vacation so the letter could be signed by the whole group.

But Congress went into summer recess, and Gov. Gary Herbert last week ordered state agencies to withhold sending federal funds to Planned Parenthood of Utah.

Council members then said there was no point to send the letter, but Alvord posted it on his South Jordan mayor's Facebook page anyway, just so everyone could know how much he dislikes Planned Parenthood.

The letter asked Love to do whatever she could to stop federal funding from being used for abortions, even though, by law, federal money already can't be used for that purpose.