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Lisa Richardson said she has always been pro-life, and after videos of a Planned Parenthood officials discussing the collection of fetal tissues were posted online recently, she felt compelled to act.

So the Davis County woman and five of her relatives joined about 100 people on Saturday at a protest in front of a Planned Parenthood facility at 160 S. 1000 East in Salt Lake City. Their demonstration was part of a national day of protest against Planned Parenthood held in more than 300 cities.

The protesters — carrying signs saying, "Babies are Murdered Here" and "Planned Parenthood Lies to You," among other statements — demonstrated peacefully in front of the facility, which appeared to be closed.

"I can't shake it out of my mind," Richardson said of the videos. "They're breaking the law."

Her brother, Robert Higginson, said a future generation could be lost if abortion continues, adding that the government "shouldn't be involved in anything that is corrupt and evil."

Bruce Rigby, a North Salt Lake resident who organized the demonstration, also said he objects to the harvesting of tissue from aborted fetuses. He supports adults donating their bodies to science if they want, but said "babies don't have the ability to make that decision."

Mary Boyle, of Layton, said she feels strongly about the issue because when she was in the womb, her mother was told there was a 99 percent chance that she had Down syndrome and was encouraged by a doctor to have an abortion. But her mother said she would love her child not matter what, said Boyle, who does not have Down syndrome.

Protester Job Arellano said he believed it was worth his time to participate in the demonstration.

"If I have the ability to save even one life," the Magna man said, "I'll do it."

There was no counter demonstration. The only rebuttal came from Brittany Putnam, who lives across the street from Planned Parenthood. Putnam said the protesters should be teaching their values to the people in their congregations instead of demonstrating in front of a building that also houses other businesses.

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