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If you're not happy in Utah, you could be wrecking the curve.

A new survey released by the personal-finance website WalletHub, listing the "Most and Least Happy States in America," lists Utah as the happiest state.

The survey puts Utah in first place in two of the three broad categories — "work environment" and "community, environment and recreational activities." Utah ranks fourth in the third category, "emotional and physical well-being."

Utah, the survey found, has the lowest divorce rate, the lowest number of work hours, and the highest volunteerism rate — all indicators of happiness, accoring to the survey.

Utah has the fifth-lowest obesity rate, sixth-lowest in long-term unemployment, and sixth-best in safety. Utah ranks 10th in income growth, 12th on the "hedonometer" (a measure of general happiness), and 13th for adequate sleep.

On the other hand, the survey reports Utah has the fourth-highest suicide rate — which would be at odds with the whole happiness thing.