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Nov. 6, 2012 • Ben McAdams wins election as Salt Lake County mayor.

Jan. 1, 2013 • Justin Miller, McAdams campaign manager, is hired as chief administrative officer in the mayor's office.

Aug. 1 • Miller's job title changes to associate deputy mayor.

March 28, 2014 • The Exoro Group receives a contract over two competitors for $100,000 consulting deal.

Aug. 26 • Miller expresses concerns to McAdams about close relationship between mayor's campaign and Exoro, a county contractor.

Aug. 29 • McAdams emails Miller, thanking him for his concern, adding he always wants to follow county regulations.

Sept. 5 • Miller informs McAdams about a $10,000 discrepancy in campaign account.

Oct. 8 • Miller receives termination notice with severance-package proposal.

Oct. 13 • McAdams and supporter Donald Dunn confront Miller about $24,000 missing from the campaign.

Oct. 14 • McAdams sends a couple of emails to Deputy Mayor Nichole Dunn, pulling up old conversations about Miller's failure to perform his job duties.

Oct. 15 • Second termination letter hastens Miller's exit, cuts his severance package.

Oct. 29 • Salt Lake City police begin investigation of theft allegations against Miller, which at some point is turned over to Davis County Attorney's Office.

Nov. 4 • Miller is elected to the House District 40 seat.

Dec. 17 • Miller files notice of claim against Salt Lake County, asserting he was wrongfully dismissed for being a whistleblower.

Feb. 13, 2015 • Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill informs Miller his complaint will be denied because of a lack of evidence.

May 12 • The Salt Lake Tribune publishes first story about Miller's claims of county cronyism and McAdams' allegations of campaign-account theft.

May 13 • McAdams and Gill call news conference to defend the rejection of Miller's claim and to allege formally that Miller pilfered campaign money.

Early June • FBI takes over investigation from Davis County attorney.

June 15 • House Democrats call for Miller to resign his legislative seat — a request Miller rejects.

Oct. 9 • Miller pleads guilty to second-degree felony, resigns House seat. He says he continues to cooperate with investigators.