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Super-powered pilot Carol Danvers just found a new voice in Utah's own Shannon Hale and her husband, Dean Hale.

On Saturday, Marvel announced the Hales as co-authors of an upcoming young-adult novel about Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

"This may be the most badass thing I ever do and one time I uprooted a tree with my bare hands," Dean Hale tweeted shortly after the announcement was made at New York Comic Con.

For those unfamiliar with the superheroine, Danvers is a U.S. Air Force pilot who gained superpowers after she was exposed to an alien gas. Danvers can fly (on her own) and has superhuman strength and speed and the ability to shoot energy blasts from her hands. Now she lives in the Statue of Liberty, fights evil with The Avengers, and lately has been flying through outer space with her cat, Chewie.

The Hales are no strangers to superhero stories. They co-write an illustrated series for young readers, called "The Princess in Black," and wrote the fantasy-adventure graphic novels "Rapunzel's Revenge" and "Calamity Jack." Shannon Hale, a best-selling, Newbery Honor-awarded author of fantasy and realistic fiction, also dived into a superpowers-in-space tale with the 2014 young-adult novel "Dangerous."

"We're very excited about this, because of the top level talent that we're able to bring on," Marvel editor Sana Amanat said, according to Comic Book Resources. "We really believe that there's an alignment between what we do and the great Young Adult landscape out there."

Details about the book, including a release date, were not immediately available. But another adventure for Captain Marvel likely comes as welcome news for the superhero's fans, who learned this week that Marvel Studios pushed her debut film's release date from 2018 to 2019.

For anyone who can't wait for the Hales' chapter of Danvers' adventures, the character is enjoying a resurgence in comic books, too. After an uneven history in comics since her debut in 1967, Danvers got a fresh start in 2012 with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists like Dexter Soy and David Lopez.

In one of her more recent story arcs, "Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More," Danvers helps bring an alien girl home, only to get tangled up in an intergalactic turf war. While a bit heavy on the space politics, like the "Star Wars" prequels, it also packs the fun, humor and operatic rebellion of the original "Star Wars" trilogy, too.

Saturday's announcement also comes as Marvel prepares to launch another novel centered on one of its superheroines: "Forever Red," a Black Widow story by Margaret Stohl that releases Tuesday.

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