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The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake is condemning the Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks, noting that the assailants violated Muslim scripture and arguing that the "path to peace cannot be paved with blood."

Imam Muhammed Mehtar of the Khadeeja Islamic Center in West Valley City, writing in a post on the society's Facebook page, said "tragic, senseless violence recognizes no borders, and takes innocent victims without regard for distinctions such as race, gender or religion."

Mehtar denounced the attackers and lamented their stated ties to Islam.

"It is with dread and despair," he wrote, "that we see people who align themselves to us in faith commit such acts of soul-crushing violence."

The spiritual leader pointed to verses in Islam's holy book, the Quran, that stress the sanctity of human lives.

"With this as our firm and unerring guideline," Mehtar added, "we absolutely condemn violence perpetrated upon humanity, and recognize that Islam is unequivocal in its respect for humanity and peace."