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Restricting children of LGBT families from LDS baptism has had a deleterious effect. While not LDS myself, it has been harrowing to witness the deep pain caused to so many families. It is my impression that many Mormons feel they have only two options: membership or resignation.

This is a quandary I can relate to. As someone who cherishes my Jewish heritage, I have my reasons for declining synagogue membership. Ironically, it was through coming to Utah and getting involved with Salt Lake's Jewish Community that I was able to explore these issues, and ultimately identify as a cultural Jew. A treasure trove of artists, musicians, writers and comedians inform this identity and are a tremendous source of spiritual satisfaction.

For Mormons trapped between membership and resignation, I suggest they explore an emerging group of artists who are forging a middle path between those two "hard places." Contemporary artists in Utah are uniquely poised to articulate the complexities, conflicts and dilemmas that constitute the reality of their lives.

As they pursue their own truth, they may negotiate new paths and chart a way forward. At the very least, they offer an alternative to the two extremes of membership and resignation.

Alexandra Karl

Salt Lake City