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Provo police are investigating the death of a baby girl who had a lethal dose of heroin.

The girl, Penny Cormani, and her parents were staying with two people in their Provo home Dec. 2 when Penny's mother found her unresponsive, according to recently released search warrants. Police later allegedly found drug paraphernalia in the home, near 500 W. 1800 North.

Autopsy tests "indicated that Penny had a lethal amount of [heroin] and that Codine was also present," according to the search warrants.

The warrants describe how that morning, Penny was playing in a front room and her mother put her down for a nap with a bottle of milk about 11 a.m.

When Penny's mother checked on her about noon, she found her baby had purple or blue lips and was not responding, according to the search warrants. Penny's mother took her downstairs and attempted CPR.

Paramedics arrived and took Penny to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where she was declared deceased later.

While searching the home, police allegedly found "burnt foil with residue and burnt straws" in the room where Penny's parents stayed, according to the search warrant. Officers also allegedly found burnt straws on the carpet and on a coffee table in the living room, as well as burnt foil in a bathroom trashcan, the search warrants add.

"Also found downstairs in the common area was a razor blade on an end table that had a white residue on one side," the search warrants read.

One of the home's residents disclosed that "he had observed both [of Penny's parents] using straws to inhale their prescriptions," according to the search warrants. The documents add that both of Penny's parents denied "any illicit drug use and state that they consume their medications orally as prescribed," and they reported that the paraphernalia belonged to either of the residents.

Provo detectives are still investigating the case and are waiting on more reports from the state medical examiner, Provo Officer Nick Dupaix said Tuesday.

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