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Here are some other memorable clashes

between Jazz center Greg Ostertag and

coach Jerry Sloan:

* NOV. 29, 2003: Ostertag is frustrated when he is pulled from a win over Houston just nine minutes into the game. He throws a towel containing a medical heating pack about 20 rows up in the stands. Immediately after the game, Ostertag and Sloan have a verbal confrontation in the locker room.

* FEB. 12, 2002: With 7:40 left in the third quarter of Utah's 86-79 loss to Memphis, Sloan replaces an uninterested-looking Ostertag. They exchange words and, as Ostertag walks in front of the bench, he bumps Sloan. The coach pushes back and orders Ostertag to the locker room. "I shouldn't have challenged him," Ostertag says. "It was a situation where everybody's temper was a little high and I overreacted."

* JAN. 15, 2001: After making postgame trade demands a game earlier, Ostertag sits a game because of a suspension levied by Sloan. Sloan says the suspension is the result of the center breaking a team rule and failing to communicate with team officials before skipping a practice. "It's over," Ostertag says. "It's water under the bridge."

- Compiled by Phil Miller