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Rep. Ken Ivory's American Lands Council seems to be taking a page out of The Center for Medical Progress' playbook, releasing a misleading video to demonize an entity the right-wing hates.

In the case of The Center for Medical Progress, the undercover video, made by two operatives who have since been indicted by a Texas grand jury for alleged misconduct in the affair, purports to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating to sell fetal body parts for profit.

The video was found to have been heavily edited, with quotes taken out of context. The same grand jury that indicted the two who made the video found Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong. Investigations in 11 states reached the same conclusion.

Yet politicians pandering to the Republican Party's right flank, continue to use the video to criticize Planned Parenthood, including Gov. Gary Herbert, who announced on the eve of the Utah Republican Convention last year that he would stop federal funds from flowing through state agencies to Planned Parenthood of Utah.

Now comes the Oregon chapter of the American Lands Council, a nonprofit that signs up organizations and local governments for a membership fee to fight for the transfer of public lands from the feds to states, has released a video on Facebook that appears to show U.S. Bureau of Land Management agents lighting fires in southern Oregon cattle country that blazed out of control, charring more than 700,000 acres, killing dozens of cows, burning several structures owned by ranchers and threatening the community of Frenchglen.

Trouble is, the video's claim is bogus.

It is narrated by a man whose face never appears and shows images of a couple of BLM agents followed by the raging wildfire, implying the two started the blaze.

Some research reveals an entirely different scenario.

Stories in The Oregonian and an extensive report by the BLM's Oregon/Washington office say the devastating fires that lasted for eight days in summer 2012 were sparked by lightning July 8 and fueled by heavy underbrush from an unusually dry year.

The newspaper's stories detail the efforts of BLM and Forest Service firefighters who fought alongside state and local crews to douse the flames.

Yet the video's narrator talks about BLM agents lighting fires and then leaving them unattended. He describes the officers as sitting around munching snacks while the fires rage out of control.

The video cites no evidence, just the narrator's claims.

Ivory, R-West Jordan, was a co-founder and CEO of the American Lands Council, to which 47 counties in Western states spent a combined $219,000 of taxpayer money in 2014 to be members, according to the Center for Western Priorities.

The video that erroneously blames the fires on the BLM carries a tag line urging viewers to sign up as members.

Ivory has taken an annual salary from the ALC, which has grown to more than $100,000. His wife also is paid as the organization's communications director.

A Utah legislative committee has approved $14 million to pay for a lawsuit to transfer control of 31 million acres from the feds to the state.