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KUED TV executive director John Howe has a fascination with the West.

The Park City resident is also a filmmaker and is known for his documentaries, "Return of the Wolves: The Next Chapter" and "Wild Horses of the West."

His latest film, "Unspoken: America's Native American Boarding Houses," which will air on KUED on Tuesday, Feb. 16, continues Howe's mission to give viewers a little more understanding of the West and its culture.

"I think those stories have great drama and resonance, especially right now," Howe said. "Like so many of the films I make, I try to include a lot of educational aspects, because there are so many good stories out there that seem to be symbolic of bigger stories in many ways. People may come to different conclusions or have different viewpoints, but I think discussion is a good thing and that's what we tried to do with this film."

"Unspoken" examines the experiences and memories of American Indian men and women who lived in boarding schools after World War II. They were removed as children from their family and traditions to an environment that forced them to assimilate.

More history of the West

P KUED will air John Howe's "Unspoken: America's Native American Boarding Schools" Tuesday at 8 p.m.