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For a landlocked state, there are a whole lot of first dates at sushi joints in Utah. That is one of the odder findings in a big nationwide survey of the dating habits of America's single people.

For the past six years, has conducted its "Singles in America" survey, with questions ranging from sexual expectations (50 percent say a good first date ends in a kiss) to just how long a person will wait after a first date before realizing they're not getting a second chance (men wait more than 11 days before losing hope, women wait just seven).

The survey, led by researches at Indiana University, working for Match, also included some stats based on location, such as the average cost of a date in Austin, Texas — more than $81, the highest in the nation. By contrast, the average date in Salt Lake City cost $55.36, which is slightly higher than the national average of $49.60.

We got that information by exchanging some emails with the Singles in America team, and in doing so, we asked for any other Utah-based stats that stood out.

One of the questions asked for dinner preferences. In Utah, 40 percent of singles said they'd pick sushi, compared to a national average of just 18 percent. Maybe it sounds more refined than a burger-and-fries date.

The other stat the company flagged is far less of a shock. Utahns on a date talked about religion 48 percent of the time, while the national average is about a third.