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A black bear? Some guy in an ape suit? Or ... a Sasquatch?

Last spring, a man was hiking in the Payson Canyon area of Utah County when — according to the story he told Steve Blackstone of the California-based YouTube channel Paranormal Review — he was shooting video of a stream, got distracted by an object rolling down a hill and turned his camera toward something moving in the woods above him.

Click the clip above to see what he captured. Do you see a Sasquatch?

Blackstone says the man who shot and sent him the video wants to remain anonymous, and to some degree, so does Blackstone, who asked us to use "Steve," his middle name, instead of his given first name. Like the man who supplied Blackstone with the video, apparently there's a fear that if you publicly attach your name to Sasquatch-spotting, some will think you're nuts.

Blackstone has about 150 videos of alleged Sasquatch sightings uploaded to his channel, many of which include original, enhanced and with-commentary versions.

"A lot of the videos we see are fake, and you can tell when people are trying too hard to make it look real," Blackstone said. "But a lot of other ones, you can't really tell, like this one from Payson Canyon. To me, it looks authentic, and too tall to be a bear. And that hill looks pretty steep. I don't know if anyone would climb that hill just to fake a video."

Blackstone also believes that the man who supplied him with the video is telling the truth.

"I think if he was an attention-getter, he would've already had it up on the Internet or put it on his channel," he said.