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Are you looking for a way to give back to a cause you're passionate about? Your opportunity is quickly approaching. On Thursday, March 31, Utah will celebrate its annual day of giving with Love UT, Give UT, a 24-hour event where you can donate to a worthwhile cause of your choice. Hosted by the Community Foundation of Utah with the generous support of its sponsors, you'll be able to give to hundreds of local nonprofits through an easy-to-use online donating platform. This day of giving offers Utah's nonprofits the unique opportunity to raise much-needed funds to support their missions. Here are your top reasons to give to your favorite nonprofit on March 31.

1. You become a member of the Utah nonprofit family

Utah's nonprofits play an essential role in our community, providing much-needed services and support to a variety of worthwhile issues. On March 31, Love UT, GiveUT makes it easy to give back to these generous organizations. Simply go to and search for a cause you care about or an organization you'd like to donate to. And, if you're interesting in learning about a nonprofit before you give, click the organization's link to read more about its mission and services. It's just as easy as shopping on Amazon!

2. All of your donations stay in Utah for the people and places of Utah

When you give on March 31, you can rest assured knowing that every dollar you donate is going directly to a local nonprofit right here in Utah. Additionally, every nonprofit is vetted by the Community Foundation of Utah to ensure that it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. And don't forget that you can write off all donations on your taxes—another win-win!

3. Donations reached $1.2 million for Utah nonprofits in 2015

Nonprofits were among the hardest organizations hit during the Great Recession, and unfortunately, too many nonprofits are still feeling the economic crunch. But during last year's Love UT, Give UT celebration, donations reached $1.2 million—all of which went directly to Utah's own nonprofits. By donating whatever amount you can, whether it's $10, $50 or $500, your donation will go directly to the nonprofit of your choice. And the generosity doesn't stop there. Every donation you make during Love UT, Give UT will help qualify your favorite organization for challenge grants and additional prizes, creating more bang for your buck.

4. Donations can be made to hundreds of nonprofits

Whether you're passionate about healthcare research, protecting the environment or feeding the homeless, you'll be able to support a nonprofit that aligns with however you want to give. Plus, the user-friendly website makes it easy to learn more about nonprofits you might be unfamiliar with.

Nonprofits listen up: if you haven't registered to participate in LoveUT, GiveUT now is the time to sign up. Registering is easy and takes only a few minutes. Go to for easy-to-follow instructions.

5. You are a philanthropist!

Every time you give, you are a philanthropist impacting the people and places of Utah that you hold close to your heart. And no matter how much you give, you are making a difference in your community. Mark your calendar for March 31 and don't forget to support your favorite Utah nonprofit during this annual day of giving.

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