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Prosecutors will not release body-camera video from the shooting of a teenager this weekend in Salt Lake City until they decide whether the shooting was legally justified.

In a statement Thursday, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill wrote that releasing the video could compromise any of several pending investigations connected to the shooting, and he asked other agencies with access to the video not to release it.

"I believe past investigations of my office have been needlessly complicated, and sometimes compromised, when evidence was released prematurely, often against my advice and over my objection," Gill wrote. "This investigation — like all officer-involved shooting investigations — is too important to run that risk."

He wrote that the footage may be relevant not only to the shooting, but to potential criminal charges and lawsuits involving people at the scene.

Officers shot Abdullahi Omar Mohamed, 17, on Saturday at 250 S. Rio Grande St., near a homeless shelter. Police have said he and another person were using "metal objects" to attack a "male victim" when officers shot Abdullahi Mohamed. However, police have declined to discuss the victim further or say whether he was injured or treated by emergency responders, who he is, his relationship to Abdullahi Mohamed and the other man, or whether he was interviewed.

Meanwhile, a friend of Abdullahi Mohamed who said she was with him has challenged officers' account. Selam Mohammad said Abdullahi Mohamed and another man fought with pieces of a broken broom after the other man harassed her. She said she was trying to break up the fight when officers arrived, but neither she nor any bystanders was struck or threatened by the broomstick pieces.

Abdullahi Mohamed's family, as well as the national Council on American-Islamic Relations and former Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank have called for the release of body-camera video. Burbank was forced out of the department in 2015 after controversy over sexual harassment allegations against a deputy chief.

In the shooting of James Barker in January 2015, Burbank released body-camera footage the day after Barker died.