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Prior to 1924, there were no immigration quotas. Immigrants were welcomed and most of white America's ancestors were legal, because there was no way to be illegal!

Cubans, to this day, can basically enter the U.S. legally and get a green card and work permit right away. That makes Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio hypocrites when they want to restrict immigrants.

Republicans scream, "Seal the borders and build a wall!" Secretly most Republican businessmen like the immigrants because this means cheap labor that cannot stand up for their rights. This is the new "slave labor"!

Republicans don't really want "E-Verify" for all employees. This would put many firms out of business.

Comprehensive legislation like the Senate bill can't get passed because of the "Hastert Rule," which requires a bill must be supported by a majority of the majority. John Boehner would not bring the bill to the House members who could have passed the Senate bill with Democratic support.

Immigrants built this country, including the Erie Canal, which was built in eight years with immigrants and government money!

Please consider the above when you vote March 22 and Nov. 8.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City