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Utah Rep. Chris Stewart is the latest Republican to criticize presidential candidate Donald Trump, comparing him to a fascist dictator.

"He's our Mussolini," Stewart told students at the University of Utah on Monday during a forum hosted by the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

"As a Republican, I'm telling you: Donald Trump does not represent Republican ideals," Stewart said.

Trump is leading in the Republican nominating contest, with 458 delegates; Ted Cruz, his next closest rival, has won 359 delegates.

In Monday's talk, Stewart also contrasted Trump against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. "You have to give the guy ... credit for his courage because he's been who he is for 50 years, right? He doesn't pretend. He says, 'I am a socialist.' He ran as a socialist, as a Democratic independent, in a nation that isn't. And so I may not agree with him on much, but I give him credit for his courage. And his honesty.

"... So you've got, you know, socialists on one hand, and someone that's whatever he is on the other hand, and uh, those appear to be ... some of the choices we have," Stewart said. "And we've got to do better. We just have to do better."

Stewart's remarks about Trump begin at the 18:25 mark of the video.