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Player Pick Year Team

1. Kobe Bryant 13 1996 Charlotte (to Lakers)

Why: Todd Fuller went 11th, Vitaly Potapenko went 12th

2. Dirk Nowitzki 9 1998 Milwaukee (to Dallas)

Why: This pick started the Mavs in the right direction

3. Kevin Garnett 5 1995 Minnesota

Why: Began the influx of high-schoolers into the draft

4. Scottie Pippen 5 1987 Seattle (to Chicago)

Why: Bulls got him for Polynice and a pick - really!

5. Chris Mullin 7 1985 Golden State

Why: Too small? Too slow? Tell it to the Dream Team


6. LeBron James 1 2003 Cleveland

Why: Already has turned around a franchise

7. Brad Daugherty 1 1986 Cleveland

Why: Got ability, character in infamous drug draft

8. Shaquille O'Neal 1 1992 Orlando

Why: A no-brainer in a horribly weak draft, but still . . .

9. Mitch Richmond 5 1988 Golden State

Why: The Warriors stole the best player in this draft

10. Dwyane Wade 5 2003 Miami

Why: He might be more Jordan-esque than Kobe