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Republican Chia-Chi Teng is charging that Rep. Jason Chaffetz is using a government website as his personal "campaign propaganda tool" — which Chaffetz denies.

It adds another twist to their contentious GOP primary race, where Teng alleged to the Federal Election Commission that Chaffetz has pocketed big campaign donations, while Chaffetz responded by calling Teng a "political hack" who is surrounded "by some goons, that use old, tired tricks."

Teng — a former Microsoft software engineer who is now a Brigham Young University professor — said Thursday that Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is misusing its website to promote his re-election.

"It's shameful how Mr. Chaffetz is using a taxpayer-funded government website as his personal campaign website. As chairman, he's supposed to be using his power to protect taxpayers from government fraud and abuse; instead, he's abusing his power," Teng said in a news release.

He said the committee website created a page in May titled "Getting Results." A second page with updates was created with the same title on Friday. It contains lists of what it says were poor leaders forced out of office or demoted by Chaffetz and his committee.

Teng said Chaffetz launched radio and video ads this week that look much like that web page, and contain much of the same theme and content. They have a similar catchphrase, "Delivering Results." He says it may violate federal law that bans use of government resources for a campaign, or for government staff to coordinate messaging with a campaign.