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It's tough to try to follow "Breaking Bad," but Netflix's "Narcos" managed to carve out a place as a second high-quality drug-trade drama.

It's even harder for "Queen of the South" (11 p.m., USA), which has to follow both "Breaking Bad" and "Narcos." And suffers from any comparisons.

Alice Braga stars as Teresa Mendoza, whose life isn't going well as "Queen of the South" begins. Apparently in the present day, she's shot — and begins to recount her life story.

We see a younger Teresa dealing with the murder of herdrug-dealer boyfriend, killed by drug lord. We see her flee Mexico for the United States.

Once here, she begins to build her own drug business.

Apparently, part of the message is that anything men can do, women can do, too. (If not better.) But in this case, "anything" is — become a powerful drug kingpin. Or, perhaps, queenpin.

Judging by Episode 1, "Queen of the South" faces some tough going. But it's too early to write it off altogether.

Also tonight, it's the premiere of the British series "Thirteen" (11 p.m., BBC America) — a young woman escapes after being held captive in a cellar for 13 years. But her captor escapes, too.

Be aware — this is a very dark drama.

And if you're wondering who the Utah Jazz will add to their roster, the NBA Draft begins at 5 p.m. on ESPN.

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