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When you donate plasma at a local Grifols Biomat location, your gift becomes a vital material used to produce several medications that treat and prevent life-threatening diseases, illnesses, and conditions. And because plasma can't be created in a laboratory or synthetically produced, individuals who need these medications rely on plasma donations from people like you. But beyond helping thousands of people in the Utah community and across the world, donating plasma also encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle, making the process a win-win for everyone involved. Here are your top five reasons to donate plasma today:

1. You get regular health screenings

The first time you visit a Grifols plasma donor center location, you are given a physical exam. This confidential exam helps ensure that you are healthy enough to donate plasma. We'll let you know if there are any red flags that you need to check out with your primary care physician. Once your first screening is done, you'll continue to receive mini-checkups at each subsequent visit in addition to an annual physical exam.

These health screenings will help you keep a better eye on your health!

2. You learn how to be healthier

The first time you donate plasma, you'll go through an education process that discusses how you can be healthier—from drinking more water to eating the right foods. And, you're encouraged to keep up healthy lifestyle behaviors until your next visit and beyond. As you become a regular donor, we'll help you become educated on how to continue to be a healthier donor. Our goal is that you'll build healthy habits that will improve personal health.

3. You'll receive compensation for your time and commitment

We appreciate the time and the effort it takes to donate, so we compensate you for your time and effort. Rates vary, but on average you can earn up to $200 a month when you donate plasma. Here's how it works: Each Grifols donor receives compensation on a Grifols prepaid Visa debit card that is refilled after each donation. Upon completing your first donation, you will receive the debit card, information on how to use it, a list of ATM locations where you can make withdrawals and contact information for the bank.

4. You are helping save lives

At the end of the day, your donation will help create vital medications that are used to help people in your own community and around the world. Your donation provides hope and gives others a chance for better, more productive and healthier lives. Donating plasma is one of the easiest and most impactful things you can do to help save and improve a life.

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