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Akron, Ohio – Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans says that now that the floor flight over denying Donald Trump the GOP nomination has been solved – in Trump's favor – the party can come together, enjoy a successful national convention and work to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"What will coalesce us is just the unthinkable of Hillary Clinton as president," Evans said in a video interview with The Salt Lake Tribune.

Evans, tasked with the challenge of bridging the anti-Trump forces within the Utah delegation at the Republican National Convention and those who are supporting the presumptive nominee, says at the end of the day the goal is to deny Clinton the Oval Office. And whether that's because voters want Trump or don't want Clinton, it doesn't matter.

"A win is a win," Evans said. "In my book, for Trump or against Hillary, as long as you vote for the Republican, I'm happy."

And Evans poured cold water on the idea that Utah – where neither Trump nor Clinton are popular — could actually go blue in the general election.

"Utah will go Republican," Evans declared.