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Cleveland — Utah's delegates were stingy with their applause during the first day of the Republican National Convention and that didn't sit well with state House Majority Whip Francis Gibson, who believes it is time to unite around Donald Trump, even if he isn't the candidate they preferred.

Gibson is an alternate delegate who sat in the stands of the Quicken Loans Arena, where he kept a close eye on his fellow Utahns following a dispute over the convention rules.

"Please tell me that we were not sitting and sulking for not getting 'our way' from the early rules committee report," Gibson wrote in an email sent to Utah's contingent, almost all of whom backed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. "I was sitting with several others and we were amazed at the lack of enthusiasm and support for great messages from great men and women."

When speakers slammed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or praised the military or police officers, Utah's group remained rather muted.

Gibson wasn't the only one who noticed. Republican commentator David Frum tweeted "Utah delegation #NeverClap"

Gibson said if Utah's delegates are not going to get excited, they should give up their floor passes to alternates, like himself, who will.

— Matt Canham