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Looking at new products being promoted by manufacturers at the Outdoor Retailer trade show which opens Wednesday at the Salt Palace gives hints as to trends in the industry.

Judging from a list of new gear released prior to the show, it looks as though having gourmet coffee outdoors is an increasingly large priority.

There are a number of insulated mugs, portable coffee makers and outdoor expresso systems available that are new. Add to that holdover products and watching folks at campgrounds and you get the idea that having good coffee while camping is a big deal these days.

People also seem to want to take their technology with them. Video and live streaming cameras continue to be popular. So are cell phone chargers and protectors. And drones seem to be a thing.

One major trend that looks to continue involves gear for dogs who go outdoors. This includes fetch toys, bags for bigger canines to carry and portable food and water containers.

Water bottles continue to be a big seller with new companies entering an already saturated market. Most outdoor and fitness enthusiasts carry water bottles and use insulated mugs around camp.

Retailers will have some difficult choices to make as they decide whether to stick with established brands such as Nalgene, Camelback, Stanley or HydroFlask, or try some of the new containers available.