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Kudos to Ryan Evans, president of the Utah Solar Energy Association, for his Aug. 7 Tribune column highlighting the significant rise of Utah's burgeoning solar energy industry. We thank him for praising the successful solar energy efforts at Rio Tinto Stadium — and how "utility scale solar projects" are benefiting Utah's economy.

Rocky Mountain Power proudly partnered with Rio Tinto for its solar project. Also, more than 47,000 Blue Sky customers have helped create more than 100 community-benefit solar projects throughout Utah.

The number of private rooftop solar customers is more than doubling each year in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power is also working hard to offer universal solar for customers, the lowest-cost solar option. This year home or business owners who can't or don't want panels on their roofs are subscribing to our Subscriber Solar program, a 20-megawatt solar project located in Holden that will create enough energy for at least 4,000 homes. When the program's fully subscribed, we'll build more.

Growth often brings with it growing pains, but the motivation shown by our customers and the Utah Solar Association are providing a great motivation to work through these things together.

Paul Murphy

External Communications Director

Rocky Mountain Power

Salt Lake City