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SilkeySkin MD, a cosmetic and restorative skincare office in Kaysville, UT is now offering SculpSure - an innovative technology designed to help patients get rid of stubborn fat and tighten loose skin. This laser treatment is the world's first FDA-cleared of its kind, and is ideal to sculpt, tighten and define a patient's abdomen, legs, arms and any other place where excess fat is present.

CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis) set the standard and opened up the door to non-invasive lipolysis (fat dissolving) types of treatment. However SculpSure is the newest generation with several distinct benefits: reduced pain, skin tightening over the area, consistent results with less complications and shorter treatment time.

To get nerdy: A state-of-the-art controlled light-based system (a laser, in layman's terms) features a flat non-suction application, which leads to consistent results. The 1060nm wavelength laser is used to target troublesome areas of adipose tissue (body fat) with minimal skin absorption.

A treatment session takes only takes 25 minutes so multiple areas can be targeted without any downtime.The SculpSureprocess is simple, yeteffective and not prone to higher pain levels typical of cryolipolysis treatment.

A significant advantage with SculpSure is the how a patient's skin feels, looks and reacts after a treatment. CoolSculpting does not tighten the overlying skin whereas SculpSure can. The skin overlying the fat deposit benefits more from heat than cold as the skin collagen is responsive to heat. Stretch marks and loose skin have been noted to be improved with heated devices, as well as reducing fat.

Redness, bruising, swelling, cramping, itching and numbness can last for several weeks with other treatments. SculpSure's patented Contact Cooling™ technology avoids damaging sensitive dermal tissue and the nerve irritation/damage that can occur with/from cryolipolysis/cool sculpting.

The potential for prolonged numbness or pain resulting that can occur from CoolSculpting treatments does not allow cryolipolysis treatment on nearly as many parts of the body. Also, SculpSure has no risk for "shark bites" or a discrete ridge to the fat loss sometimes associated with cool sculpting. These ridges can be felt or seen on occasion with CoolSculpting. No vacuum is used with SculpSure, the fat is not sucked into the device and therefore no ridges of fat loss are noted with SculpSure. This "feathering effect" allows the fat loss being distributed evenly in the area and even feathers lightly into the surrounding tissue so a more natural look and feel is obtained.

Dr. Jacqueline Silkey and her team of professional staff have built a practice around decades of expertise in minimally invasive treatments, with an emphasis on treating the "whole person" with the least invasive and most updated devices. SculpSure is a natural fit in her practice.

"We want all our patients to be informed decision makers and fully understand all the choices they have for treating any area of the body," said Dr. Silkey. "Because I feel that SculpSure is a superior device to CoolSculpting, I chose to offer this device in my practice. We're pleased to now offer SculpSure to all our patients who have fat and skin areas they want reduced and we are obtaining excellent results. The best thing about the cosmetic industry is that there is always a newer and better device on the horizon and SculpSure has taken a leading role in treating fat non-invasively".

Dr. Silkey has long been an advocate for minimally invasive techniques that have zero to minimal downtime. "Lunchtime" procedures are very popular for busy, active peoples so they can get back to their activities right away," she says. The single SculpSure treatment is less than half the time required with CoolSculpting, with treatments lasting only 25 minutes, so three separate areas can be targeted in just over one hour- "then right back to your normal activities."

SculpSure patients can begin to see results as quickly, some people note results very early after the procedure but optimal results occur around three months. This comfortable treatment has proven success, with up to a 24% fat reduction in some trials.

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