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Steve Barry wrote: "We study our past in order to achieve greater influence over our future. It is from history that we learn what to champion and what to avoid. Decision-making around the world … is based on what came before us. Why? Because history matters."

Study history to determine if Donald Trump is someone who should be in power. I'll avoid voting for Trump.

Study current events to see if Hillary Clinton's foreign policies are in line with yours. If you want more troops where Congress has not declared war, then she is your candidate. Not mine.

If you want a presidency that values the lives of our military, that will show U.S. supremacy, fighting when we are attacked, but not acting as world police, then vote Johnson/Weld.

Gary Johnson's and William Weld's combined 16 years of executive experience is non-existent in the other presidential candidates.

Governors Johnson and Weld want to work with Congress. They are socially tolerant, kind, humble, likeable, positive and honest. What a contrast to the other candidates!

The CPD should include Johnson/Weld in upcoming presidential debates, so citizens can make an informed vote (#LetGaryDebate). Influence the future of our country and the world by voting for Johnson/Weld this November.

Penny Gardner