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We all must be politically alert as we find ourselves trying to meet the challenges of this year's political explosions. Beware and be alert if you feel deep anger about the currant political situation. The degradation of reasonable dialogue has erupted into an explosive mine field. Name calling and hateful threats, and even out and out lies, have consumed our current political wellbeing. It appears that hateful name calling is the tone of today's search for the next president of the United States. Families, friends and those in the workplace must be alert to the possibility of long-term alienation from many important personal relationships. The war of words and hateful behavior has gone beyond the point of no return for many relationships. Hopefully, we will pay attention to the need for civility and respect by stepping back when we observe a clash of loyalties. Let go of anger and hostility as soon as possible. Sustained anger is a dead end for most relationships.

Rosemary A. Holt

Salt Lake City