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I have worked in the airline industry for decades, and until this week I was the Chairman of Delta Air Lines. Airlines connect families, communities and businesses across the country and to the world. During the past five years, U.S. airlines have renewed fleets, added staff, increased employee wages and benefits, reduced debt and contributed to pension plans and retirement accounts. Investments in systems, procedures and staffing have led to significant improvements in flight operations and baggage handling.

The safety of our passengers and employees is paramount, but we also face a myriad of challenges running a global business in a complex and competitive world. In everything we did at Delta, we were guided by our culture. At Delta, it is one of innovation, teamwork and taking care of our employees in the relentless pursuit of operational excellence and customer service. Our investments in our people have been especially important. Coming out of bankruptcy, we established a profit-sharing plan that recognized that Delta employees were the key to Delta's future. Never did we imagine that, a few years later, we would be paying out the largest profit sharing in history to our employees.

During my years leading Delta, I approached each issue on its merits, regardless of the political implications, seeking to do what was best for our customers and employees. Although I have often been involved in debates about important policy issues, in my personal capacity, I have not publicly expressed my views about a presidential candidate.

Today, however, I feel compelled to speak up. As a country, we face a stark choice. America needs a president with the temperament and experience to help restore our economic strength and navigate a difficult world. I have never endorsed a Democratic candidate for president before, but I am confident that Hillary Clinton is the best qualified candidate to address the challenges we face today.

Clinton has proposed specific policies in four key economic areas that merit support because they will foster economic growth and help create high-quality jobs across America.

It is essential that we strengthen our workforce by providing the training and skills that people need to qualify for good jobs. At Delta, we have outstanding teams of machinists and technicians who keep our planes safe and operating reliably. These jobs require complex technical skills as they work on large aircraft with hundreds of different parts and systems.

Delta has partnered with technical colleges and universities to collaborate on research and training skills related to our operations. Clinton has pledged her support for programs such as these that help prepare people for sustainable, well-paying jobs and enable our companies to compete and expand.

Achieving more consistent income growth is one of our central economic challenges. Clinton has outlined a proposal to give more workers the chance to share in the profits they help produce. Delta provides competitive wages, benefits and paid sick leave for every full-time employee. In addition, our profit sharing program gives workers a stake in the company. This is not only the right thing to do, but it has made Delta a better airline. I know through experience that Clinton's proposal to share profits will make companies and their employees more successful.

For nearly two centuries, investments in public works have helped shape the American economy. The Federal Aviation Administration is pursuing a "NextGen" upgrade program that would help move our national airspace system from ground-based radar to satellite-based navigation, improve digital communications and enhance information management. Clinton has pledged to support this initiative. These changes will help ensure that the nation that invented aviation remains its leader.

Finally, America thrives because we have attracted the most talented and the hardest working people to our nation. Secretary Clinton has pledged to fix our broken immigration system. As a nation of immigrants, it is imperative that we treat those who come to our country with dignity and respect. Her proposals would protect our borders and national security, fix the backlog of family visa applications, and bring millions of hardworking people into the formal economy.

Character and leadership are defined by how we handle difficult and unpredictable situations.

Today, we face many urgent challenges as a nation. No candidate is perfect. But elections pose choices, and I strongly believe that Clinton is the best choice for our country in this election. Her policy proposals, her experience and her commitment to innovation make it an easy choice. Most important, Clinton offers a specific, positive vision for us to keep our nation vibrant and our economy strong.

Richard Anderson recently retired as the Chairman and CEO of Delta Air Lines, Inc.