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Finally someone to feel good about voting for.

For many of us, this election has been unique in the level of frustration we are feeling about our choices on the ballot. We are practicing attorneys and can't help you with those tough choices at the top of the ballot, but lower down, in Utah's 3rd Judicial District we can encourage you to vote for a judge we think is great. Vote to retain Judge Su Chon.

She was appointed by Gov. Gary Herbert in 2012. As attorneys who have appeared before her or who know her reputation, we believe Herbert made a great choice. In addition to her sound judgment and unparalleled work ethic, she has a unique personal history.

Her family legally immigrated from Korea to the United States in the 1970s, embraced the empowering values of this new country and worked hard to give their children a better life. These family influences positively have shaped the way Chon approaches the law, her passion for justice and her service to those who appear before her.

Prior to her appointment by the governor, she was a respected lawyer with a long history of excellent performance in both the public and private sectors. She has received awards for her pro bono work and her work with minority communities.

Voting to retain judges is an interesting process. Most engaged citizens have no working, practical information about the actual performance of the judges they are asked to retain. This is why we have chosen to weigh in. We can validate first-hand what you will find in the courtroom of Chon.

She is thoughtful, respectful, professional and courteous. Chon works very hard and listens carefully to understand the position of all of the parties. Her decisions are solidly based on the law, even though, as a judge, she must resolve difficult disputes people cannot resolve by themselves. This means she is required to make both positive and negative rulings affecting individual people. Her 5-0 record on appeal is evidence of her hard work, sound legal judgment and professional skill.

Chon has her detractors. She can be demanding of the attorneys who appear before her. She has not always taken a traditional path in her career and to be frank she is not afraid to challenge the establishment. But we believe a good judge is smart, thoughtful, independent, engaged, diverse and caring. This is Chon.

There is no doubt Chon does her best to serve the people of Utah. We are lucky to have her serve us. We urge you to vote "yes" and retain Judge Su Chon.

Annette Jarvis, T. Richard Davis and Charlotte Miller are practicing attorneys in Salt Lake City.