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Utah TV stations yanked a Democratic ad critical of U.S. Rep. Mia Love because it prominently displayed an Instagram account connected to a child and not the first-term Republican congresswoman.

The House Majority Political Action Committee (PAC) tweaked the ad by creating a faux Love Instagram account and it is back on the air. But Love remains steamed by what she considers deceptive politics by those supporting her opponent, Doug Owens, in what is the most competitive congressional race in the state.

"I am frustrated and outraged by the lies and deception that Nancy Pelosi and Doug Owens have demonstrated throughout this campaign," Love said. Pelosi, the House minority leader, leads the PAC that is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisements going after Love.

The ad in question sticks close to Owens' campaign strategy, which is to paint Love as more interested in the perks of elective office than the job of governing. It focuses on a flight she repaid taxpayers to the White House Correspondents Dinner and the amount of federal money she spent on mailers to people living in her district. Those mailers are legal and commonly used by lawmakers, but Owens has claimed they were promotional and not work related.

The 30-second spot includes images of Love as if they were posted on Instagram with a clearly identifiable account name that is used by an unrelated family to post pictures of a child.

Love's campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Utah's four major TV stations pointing out the inaccuracy and demanding the ad be pulled. All four stations — KTVX-Channel 4, KSTU-Channel 13, KUTV-Channel 2 and KSL-Channel 5 — temporarily pulled the offending ad, restoring it to the schedule after it was altered.

The House Majority PAC created a new Instagram account, Mia_Love_DC, which Love's campaign argues is still deceptive and should be removed.

Jeb Fain, spokesman for the House Majority PAC, was unapologetic.

"Unsurprisingly, Congresswoman Love wants to have a debate about social media because she can't dispute the fact that she improperly charged taxpayers for cross-country air travel, nor can she dispute the fact that she spent nearly $300,000 in taxpayer dollars on promotional mailers," he said.

Love has maintained a lead in her re-election bid, with polls showing her ahead by somewhere between 8 percentage points and 13 percentage points. Earlier polls had her up by as much as 18 points.

Love has argued she deserves a second term in office because she more closely represents the views in the district and has developed strong ties to Republican leaders and Democrats through the Congressional Black Caucus. She won the 4th Congressional District seat in 2014 by beating Owens, an attorney and the son of the late Rep. Wayne Owens, by 5 percentage points.